An Italian Masque

Welcome to the city states of the Italian peninsula. The former center of the Roman empire, seat of Christian spiritual power as home of the papacy, banking center of the west, and birthplace of the Renaissance.

Beginning in the 14th century (Trecento) and culminating in the 17th, it was a period of great cultural change and achievement, a bridge between medieval and modern. The period would see the Black Death, the beginning of the little ice age, unprecedented technological and stylistic advancements in the arts and sciences, and the rise of a ruling merchant class dominated by families whose wealth would rival that of kings and support a gilded age.

Join us in our holiday revels, and experience the carnival atmosphere! Bring your favorite garb, and don your masks for a day of fête and fun! As part of our celebration, we will have archery activities at nearby BWANA Archery on Sunday morning.

Pre-registration opens November 1 and closes December 31, 2017.