Gate & Registrar

Gate Officer: Meistari Sefa Farmansdóttir / Elizabeth Jensen

Gate will open TBD. Please plan to check in upon arrival.

Gate Setup

There will be four lines at Gate. Two of the lines are for those who have not pre-registered, one line for payment, and one line for those who have pre-registered and have a spot at feast to pick up their seat token. To get everyone through Gate faster, please have your membership card ready if you are a member. If you pre-registered but did not send a copy of your membership card, you still need to show it at Gate even if you gave your membership number.

There will be two carts at Gate you can use to bring in your things. Please return these promptly so that others can use them also.

Fee Schedule

Registration includes Sunday Archery at BWANA Archery

Registration (18+) – $25
Registration for Members (18+) – $20
Minors (0–17) – Free

No family cap needed

Feast – Dayboard included with site fee


Pre-registration materials should be received by the gate officer by TBD.
Print a copy and fill out legibly:  Pre-Registration Form



Checks should be made out to SCA, Inc. – Barony of Nordskogen.