Heavy Combat

Heavy Combat Marshal in Charge: Sir Refkell Melrakki Einarsson


  • 9-10 is inspection and Authorizations by appointment.
  • 10 AM Fighters and Consorts present themselves.
  • 15 minutes after presentation the Tournament begins and we will have as many rounds as we can fit.

This year we are running a Magic/Points Tournament as a Consort.  You will need a consort to enter. Consorts can fight for each other.

Before the Tournament the MOLs will create a card with your name and Highest Heavy fighting award written on it.  Scoring will be done by the MOLs as follows: Each bout is worth up to 10 points and will be played to two kills (which is usually the best 2 out of 3).  If you win the first two fights, you get 10 points and the round is over.  If you win one, your opponent wins one, and then you win again, you will get 7 points and your opponent gets 3.  If you win, then your opponent wins, and then you double kill, you each get 5 points.  If you win, then lose the next two, you get 3 points and your opponent gets 7. If you win none, you get 0 points and your opponent gets 10. Double kills count as a loss for both parties.

Because of the scoring, it will be important you report your bout results appropriately. You are NOT expected to remember the scoring. You just need to report what happened out on the field with you and your opponent so the MOLs can score appropriately.

After each round the MoL will find your round total, your running total, match fighters with similar points. We will go on as many rounds as we can.

    • The AoA/non AoA fighter with the most points wins the Arms Division Cup
    • The GoA/AoA/non AoA fighter with the most points wins the Grant Division Cup
    • Fighter with the most points overall wins the Nordskogen Champions Cup