Rapier Marshal in Charge: Lord Sven Asvaldarson / Justin Aune


9:00 – 9:30: Auths by appointment*/inspections

9:30 – 11:30: Sequential Swiss Five Prowess Tourney

1130+: Melee practice/Bridge Battle**


Sequential Swiss Five:

Tourney begins with a round robin where fighters will be divided into pools. This is a bring-your-best format, so bring out all your toys. For each pass with members of the pool, fighters will fight in one of their authorized styles, but once that style is used, it CANNOT be used again until all auths have been used once. Styles do not have to be mirrored. If a fighter lacks a style, they will fight single sword; a fighter who lacks an authorization will fight bouts as if they had the auth, meaning they must do five bouts before they can repeat a style they have. If the pools are large enough (7+ members to each pool), there will be a sixth style added: Offhand. The offhand fight is single sword only.

The top scorers will then move on to a finals round, where depending on time remaining, will be best two of three single elimination OR single pass double elimination. The last two fighters will fight a final Swiss Five.


Melee will begin with a general melee practice for Gulf Wars. All fighters are invited to participate even if they don’t plan to attend Gulf.

The Bridge Battle will be a themed melee taking place over the canals of Venice. Fighters will draw a card from a deck during sign-ins that will place them on a team, and each team will select two champions. The four champions will then meet on the bridge, with the rest of their side waiting and watching from the street. Champions will engage in a debate of steel, and when one champion falls, his friend will call for help—the rest of the melee then begins, as the fallen champion’s team moves in to avenge them, with the other side moving in to defend theirs.

*Due to the short period for fighting, authorizations will be by appointment only.  Please get in contact with Sven Asvaldarson (Justin Aune) to coordinate on this.


** Related to the above, the melee will start as soon as the prowess tourney ends.  General melee practice will be first so those who want to get lunch can do so and still participate in the themed Bridge Battle Melee.