Raffle Coordinator: Kateryn of Roseberry Topping (called Khadiijah) / Kay Marszalek – 763-537-8846

Again this year, the event will feature the fabulous Nordskogen Raffle, where delightful items and services will be available. This year’s raffle benefits the Baronial General Fund.

Physical donations must be delivered to Khadiijah by Friday evening at the site. No donations will be accepted on Saturday morning. Contact Khadiijah to arrange delivery of donations prior to Friday.

Suggested Donation for Raffle Ticket: $1

Donated to the Raffle So Far…

  • Duke Tom: 1 hour of pole arm or spear training
  • HRH Aibhilin: Basic embroidery kit and 2 hours embroidery instruction
  • Master Crispin Fletcher: 1 hour personal archery instruction
  • Duchess Petranella: Covered wooden button kit and 1 hour instruction in how to make covered buttons
  • Mistress Giovanna: 1 hour pavilion consultation
  • THL Hanman Hebenstreit: 1 hour instruction in two-sword combat
  • Baroness Síobhan: 2 hours consultation in recipe redaction
  • THL Constanza de Sevilla – 1 hour instruction in handsewing for beginners; 1 hour instruction in basic blackwork
  • Duchess Elizabeth – 1 hour instruction in period cheeses
  • Sir Herjolf – 1 hour of heavy weapons training
  • THL Una Duckfoot – 1 hour of basic bookbinding
  • Il Magnifico Nicolo – 1 hour rapier/cut and thrust