Volunteer Signup

Many hands make light work. Sign up for volunteer shifts for Twelfth Night, today!

Servers – Servers eat free and help the feasters have a splendid time at table. This is a great way to enjoy the feast and meet new people.

Gate Helpers – Gate Helpers welcome visitors to the event and check them in. They must be members of the Society to help handle money. This is also a great way to meet lots of new people and help attendees feel welcome from the very first moment they arrive.

Cleanup Crew – The cleanup crew helps us maintain the site so we can rent it for future events. This is one of the most important jobs you can do for the event. Cleanup is staggered, starting around 4:00 p.m. and runs until 10:00 p.m. A two-hour shift while others are feasting is a huge help.

Heralds forthe  martial field:  we are in need of heralds to announce the fighters and their consorts and other talking loudly parts that the marshals will need assistance with.  10 am to 1pm.

Jumble Sale & Silent Auction – Help set up items for the sale, assist running it, and clean up when it’s all done.

Kitchen Dishwashers – Keep the food prep rolling along by taking a turn at the dish washing station. These helpers are critical for the success of that tasty food.

Royalty Room Assistance and Guards – Help the Royals and Their Excellencies set up for the day. Then, guard the room to help them maintain privacy and security.

Site Set-up Friday Evening – Come help get the site ready for our guests on Saturday! We will be starting around 6 pm and finishing up around 10 pm.

Roving News Heralds – Helps spread the word of when things are happening.  Volunteers will be in looped into a group chat (FB).  When a ping comes through, they take but a few minutes to call out the news to help others know when things are happening.